Recettes Firebarns

Découvrez les recettes Firebarns par Frank Ménard, parfaites pour savourer les produits Firebarns à la maison.

nouilles singapour sambal oelek

Singapore Noodles

Singapore noodles prepared with rice vermicelli, egg, pork tenderloin and vegetables such as red bell pepper, Chinese cabbage, edamame, green onion and carrot enhanced with our Sambal Oelek, fish, chili and soy sauce will become an instant classic in your kitchen.

March 06, 2024
tartare saumon fraises avocats frits

Strawberries & Fried Avocados Salmon Tartare

The perfect Valentine's recipe created by our very own Cupid Frank Ménard to please your loved one! A strawberry tartar enhanced with our Sambal Oelek and Mayo Sriracha served in a fried avocado spiced with our Mardi Gras Cajun spices.

February 14, 2024
poutine blooming onion

Blooming Onion Poutine

A perfect meal for gamedays with friends, we're picking up on the Blooming Onion trend served as a poutine with a spicy poutine sauce made from our Bourbon Bacon BBQ sauce and our new Sambal Oelek, which produces a well-balanced poutine sauce.

January 31, 2024
la meilleure sauce à pizza épicée

The Best Spicy Pizza Sauce

Made with our new Sambal Oelek, this pizza sauce will become a must-have in your everyday kitchen. Whether you're making a simple pepperoni and cheese or a full-on topping, it's sure to enhance your pizzas with taste and just the right level of spiciness to please everyone!

January 24, 2024
Won-Tons de Porc Épicés


Discover our Firebarns spicy pork wontons, a culinary journey with exotic flavors! Stuffed with flavorful pork and seasoned with our Sriracha sauce, these wontons are prepared with an Asian-inspired sauce combining soy sauce, rice vinegar, our Sambal Oelek and a touch of honey. Each bite offers a perfect balance of spicy, sweet and salty, for a unique and irresistible taste experience. A Firebarns recipe that transports you to the heart of Asia, to absolutely savor!
January 12, 2022