Recettes Firebarns

Découvrez les recettes Firebarns par Frank Ménard, parfaites pour savourer les produits Firebarns à la maison.

mai tai épicé scotch bonnet

Spicy Mai Tai

Discover our version of this popular Hawaiian cocktail enhanced with our Scotch Bonnet hot sauce. Prepared with white rum, dark rum, triple sec, orange, pineapple and lime juice, grenadine syrup and a few cherries, this cocktail is sure to please your guests this summer!

May 29, 2024
Sangria Épicée aux Fraises et Melon D'Eau

Spicy Strawberry & Watermelon Sangria

Try this refreshing sangria made with rosé wine, Prosecco and a refreshing side of strawberries and watermelon. We enhance this cocktail with our Tequila Lm Hot Sauce and our El Paso spices blended with cane sugar and lime juice to rim the glass.

May 16, 2024
chelada tailgate football el paso


Designed especially for football tailgates, try this Mexican-inspired Chelada enhanced with our Tex-Mex El Paso seasonings. Garnished with a chicken drumstick and baloney burnt ends, this cocktail is sure to please your guests as an appetizer at a football tailgate party.

August 31, 2022