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recette, facile, purée, maïs, cajun, bacon



3 slices of bread

-1 tbsp. Cajun spices

1 tsp. cumin

8 large shrimp

1 cup of flour

2 eggs

2 cups of frozen corn kernels

2 tbsp. butter

-1 tbsp. Firebarns KRWN

-1 oz. bourbon (optional)

-1/4 cup of 35% cooking cream

Salt and pepper to taste

4 slices bacon, cooked and crumbled

Chopped green onions


Preheat oven to 350F. Bake bread slices for 20 minutes. Using a food processor, process bread slices into breadcrumbs, adding Cajun spices and cumin,

In three separate bowls, add flour, eggs (mix well) and breadcrumbs.

In three different bowls, add flour, eggs (mix well) and breadcrumbs. Individually, pass the shrimp through the flour, eggs and then the breadcrumbs. Fry the shrimp in oil at 375F for about 5 minutes.

In a pot of boiling water, add the corn kernels and cook for about 5 minutes. Drain and place in food processor with butter, cream, Firebarns KRWN and bourbon. Puree and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Serve shrimp on top of corn puree and sprinkle with green onion bacon.

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